Call for Applications: Youth Exchange “Gender approach to migration in Europe” in France

Youth Activism Center (YAC) is a partner of the French organization “Association Balade” in its projects “BalsiKa”. In the framework of the BalsiKa project, there is also the exchange of experiences on gender migration in Europe, which will be held on 3-14 August 2018 in the French Alps, more precisely in Gresse en Vercors near the city of Grenoble.

BalsiKa is a well-known international music festival, formed by a combination of Balkan and Alsatian music culture. More info about the festival:

“Gender approach to migrations in Europe” in which a partner from Kosovo is YAC, will be organized on 3-14 August 2018 in the French Alps, more precisely in Gresse en Vercors near Grenobles in France. Out of 4 different European countries (Bosnia, France, Kosovo and Spain) will gather 36 young people who are knowledgeable and know how to play with any musical instrument or sing. The theme of the project will be gender mainstreaming in European migration. Videos, short films, pedagogical games, questionnaires, expert meetings, workshops and discussions about the topic, outdoor activities, etc., will be some of the methods to be used.

Also from Kosovo will be 5 young people aged 13-18 years and 2 leaders aged 18-22 years and will have experience exchange for 12 days with their young peers from the countries mentioned above. English is the language that will be used in the program, so the participants must know English.

YAC calls for applications for teenagers aged 13-22 who possess English language and know how to play a musical instrument or sing to apply for twelve-day program in France in August.

The project is funded by the European Commission, namely the EC’s “Erasmus +” program. Program expenses like (accommodation, food, program materials) will be covered by the organizer, while travel expenses will be reimbursed up to 275 euros. The participation fee is 30 euros, which will be paid after the selection.

The deadline for application is May 25, 2018.

Date of activity: 03.08.2015-14.08.2015
Duration: 12 days
Place: Gresse en Vercors, Grenoble, France
Age of participants: 13-22 years
Deadline for application: 25.05.2015, 23:59

To apply click here.