Human Rights NOW! Application Form

This is the application of “Human Rights NOW! ” youth exchange. The youth exchange will take place from 23-31.10.2018 in Offenbach, Germany. A total of 36 young people from 7 countries will participate (Albania, Bulgarian, Palestine, Turkey, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Germany). The main objectives of this project are to provide young people and volunteers with skills and methods to raise awareness of human rights issues and proactively address human rights violations and the sensitive issues of migration and escaping, especially in countries where citizens, young people and refugees are more likely to face human rights violations. With this project, we contribute to building or improving capacities in the participating youth organisations.

Objectives of the youth exchange are:
• To make participants aware of and deepen their understanding of concepts of human rights;
• To promote human right education and familiarise participants with the approaches of human rights education in non-formal learning settings;
• To develop participants’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to deal with human rights violations;
• To introduce and experience activities of Compass, the Manual on Human Rights Education with young people;

This project is organised by Intercultural Club-Goethe Uni.

23 – 31 October 2018
Offenbach, Germany


The deadline for application has expired.