YAC brings from Austria experiences for trainers

Youth Activation Center staff, respectively Vice Director Mejdi Sadiku, Head of Environment Department, Leonora Ibrahimi and co-founder of YAC, Blerita Korça, participated in the Training for Trainers training in Vienna, Austria.

The training was held by the Austrian organization “Mlafiinfo Austria”, where the partner was YAC, while it was funded by the European Commission, respectively the Erasmus + program, while the training was held on April 16-24, 2018.

The training was attended by 28 representatives of youth organizations from 9 European countries, respectively from Austria, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

In the training course, participants learned different methods of holding a more qualitative training, learning styles, discussions, questions, public speeches, what skills the coach should have and how to develop them.

Leonora Ibrahimi, head of the Department of Environment at the Youth Activation Center (YAC), gives more details about training, travel and hosting of organizers in training.

“First I want to emphasize that this was my first experience in an Erasmus+ training. It was really a great opportunity where we had the opportunity to learn more about informal education, teaching, methods, practices, work tools within small and big groups, etc. This experience will serve us a lot in our practices during the projects that we will implement in the future. The organizers welcomed us in the best way, ensuring that we always feel like in our home, and this trip served us also for getting to know more about the Viennese culture and to experience moments in the beautiful city of Vienna. In this project we also used the opportunity to reach new partnerships of our organization with some organizations of participating countries and we hope that we will soon have the other results of these collaborations”, Ibrahimi said.

In order not to focus too much on the subject of training, Mejdi Sadiku, vice Director of YAC, at the same time YAC’s contact person for Erasmus+ international projects more urged young people to participate more in such training.

“Kosovo as part of the Western Balkans, partner country of the Erasmus+ program, is not represented enough by its young people. The European Commission, named the Erasmus+ program, offers opportunities for various training in different areas for young people, where young people of our country are also eligible to participate. We should be more interested in using these opportunities. We as YAC since 2014 are active in Erasmus+ projects, where we have sent dozens of young Kosovars to different European countries, where they have gained extensive knowledge in different fields, and are still grateful to us about the opportunities provided. Encourage young people to be more involved in active European citizens, because we will benefit from good experiences, which we can then apply in our country”, Sadiku said.

Co-founder of YAC, Blerita Korça, described her experience in this training with the following words: “Training for trainers organized by Mladinfo Austria and financially supported by the European Commission has been one of my most interesting experiences. The focus of this activity has been the training of young people for informal teaching who are engaged in youth organizations. During this 7-day period, we had the opportunity to develop our competences in various fields such as: organization of learning space, leadership training, public speaking, art of questions, cooperation and many others. It is also worth mentioning that we have adapted these competencies in accordance with the ‘European Training Strategy Competencies Framework’. As part of the NGO Youth Activism Center, I feel prepared and willing to share these experiences gained with other young people”.

“Moreover, as a scholarship beneficiary of the European Commission’s “Erasmus Mundus” scholarship at the University of Bologna, I would like to urge all young Kosovars to investigate as much as possible, be aware of and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union for study and development abroad. Starting from the Erasmus+ opportunities for semester exchange, various training courses for professional development, and opportunities for complete Bachelor, Master or Doctorate studies”, continued Korça.

“Let’s be eager for new opportunities and experiences, get acquainted with the University and European practices, and then with this knowledge, let’s be the strong voice and positive influence for our country”, finished Korça.