YAC participated in “BeingPreneur, Be Business, Man” project in Durrës, Albania

In the city of Durres, Albania the nongovernmental organization called “Open Doors” implemented an important and qualitative Mobility Youth Project named “BeingPreneur, Be Business, Man” which has been realized from 15 to 23 November 2015, in which project, Youth Activism Center was partner from Kosovo.

The aim and focus of training course was to enhance the entrepreneurship skills and attitudes of youth leaders and workers with commitment to enforce and promote innovation and creativity.

The objective of the program were related with activities and processes which have the effort of providing knowledge for personal development, highlight the role of key competencies for finding job, developing entrepreneurship education and capacities, foster inclusion and empower youth workers who works with youngsters with fewer opportunities to initiate new entrepreneurship process also promoting intercultural dialogue and valorizing active contribution of all participants. This Mobility Youth Project brought together youth workers from Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Lithuania.

The participants of the Training Course “BeingPreneur, Be Business, Man” Durres, 2015

The participants of the Training Course “BeingPreneur, Be Business, Man” Durres, 2015

In this training course Flutra Leci and Argjent Emini as member of Youth Activism Center(YAC) in Gjilan have been part of this training course to represent YAC and Kosovo in general.

The Project Manager Mrs. Laura Xhaxhiu and the participants from Albania and Kosovo

The Project Manager Mrs. Laura Xhaxhiu and the participants from Albania and Kosovo

The trainers of the program Ana Dervishi (Albania), Luca Frongia (Italy) and Skirgaila K. Zymantash(Lithuania) were very experienced and professional on their personal field of study and they contribute positively on developing and improving the skills, attitudes and knowledge’s of the participants.

The all processes and activities of the training course were correlated with the focus of entrepreneurship education for providing the information about the role and impact of entrepreneurship initiatives in the society development. The non formal education was the main tool of the training course with many practical activities which were commitment on improving and developing the entrepreneurship competencies, leadership, management, creativity and innovation as well. During the training course we have been provided with important information regarding “Erasmus +” Project, future project ideas and the business plan writing guidelines. During sessions we had a lot of activities regarding team work which path resulted positively on the participants personal capacities development also with contribution of all participants by sharing personal know ledges, ideas, experiences and attitudes.



One of the sessions was dedicated about the intercultural presentation and we as participants were required to present food, drinks and tourism resources of the countries that we were representing. During this activity we (Flutra Leci and Argjent Emini) as representatives of Kosovo we present some information about Kosovo regarding touristic resources and capacities for developing tourism also we have show our traditional food and we play some of our traditional dance and songs.

Presentation of Kosovo’s traditional food

Presentation of Kosovo’s traditional food

During the week a special session was divided for presenting the countries realties regarding the economic situation and the position of youth entrepreneurship initiatives. A special session was also dedicated for NGO’s presentation and in this session was our pleasure (Argjent Emini and Flutra Leci) to present “Youth Activism Center” as successful youth organization which operates in Kosovo.

One of the activities was also a visit in the municipality of Durres (November,18) we had a meeting with vice mayor of Durres Zhulien Varfaj which provide us with information about the position of youth entrepreneurship initiatives in the Durres also we were provided with information about the strategies and policies that the state of Albania respectively municipality of Durres is undertaking. In this day we had also a visit in the museum and amphitheater of Durres.

After all know ledges, information, skills and experience that we have gather during this training course is worth to be mention the new friendship and the contact with different cultures, behaviors and lifestyle that we have created during this training . This will bring favorable benefits for us and for that reason we(Argjent Emini and Flutra Leci as participants from Kosovo) are thankful to “Youth Activism Center” in Gjilan because by being partner with “ Open Doors” offer us the opportunity to participate in this training and gather the experience that we are going always to remember. A motto that we have used during training that makes us more motivated and maintain our self confidence was-Life is like elevator it has ups and downs !You are the only who decide to go up or down ! We always go UP!.

We (Argjent Emini and Flutra Leci) encourage “Youth Activism Center” to continue its commitment for developing of youth competencies and promote the importance of active youth participation, also to make possible by partnership with local, national, regional and international organization that also citizens from Kosovo to participate in youth projects and different kind of trainings.