Young people from Kosovo represented Albanian music in France

The Kosovo Team delegated by the Youth Activation Center participating in the BalsiKa program, which was held in Gresse en Vercors, France, on dates 04-14 August 2018. The project was funded by the “Erasmus +” program and was implemented by the French organization “Association Balade”, where we were partner organization for the sixth time in a row.

BalsiKa is a well-known international music festival, formed by a combination of Balkan and Alsatian music culture.

During the 10-day program held from 4 to 14 August 2018, 27 young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Kosovo and Spain participated. Where young Kosovars during the 10 days taught other young people traditional Albanian music as well as learn about traditional foreign music.

Mejdi Sadiku, Leonora Ibrahimi, Elza Mehmeti, Eriona Haxhimusa, Riar Haziri, Lyra Hoxha, Mirlinda Murati and Drin Krasniqi were the young people who represented Kosovo and are declared to be happy to be selected in this activity and to represent Kosovo in the best way in the arena international.

The Youth Activation Center is the 6th time that is part of the BalsiKa program held in states such as France, Bosnia and Montenegro. The organization from its founding has sent more than 100 young Kosovars to activities outside of Kosovo, thus enabling them from training and to various activities like BalsiKa.